Android Device Management

Android Device Management

Google’s Android operating system powers a mobile workforce with comprehensive management and security and a range of devices to fit any work. Android enterprise, along with MobileIron, provides a reliable platform, easy management and comprehensive security for organizations that will enable them to adopt Android for all their work needs.

MobileIron for Android

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Android is ready for the enterprise

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Android use is becoming increasingly common in the enterprise and it is making a huge impact on how employees undertake their daily responsibilities. Google has made significant progress in making Android enterprise a mature, enterprise ready platform. Combined with MobileIron, organizations can secure and manage Android devices and manage their end to end lifecycle including provisioning, configuration, application deployment, security and control, monitoring and compliance and end of life of devices.

Some of the key features of the MobileIron platform for Android enterprise include:

Device Management

  • Zero touch deployment to Google Pixel devices or Android devices 8.0 and above*
  • Simplified configuration of enterprise settings including email, Wi-Fi and VPN
  • Seamless authentication using enterprise certificates
  • Ongoing compliance monitoring and auto-remediation policies
  • Selective wipe to remove corporate data from lost or non-compliant devices
  • Full support for Android Kiosk like mode, referred to as COSU (Corporately Owned, Single Use) and COPE (Corporate Owned, Personally Enabled) and BYOD devices.

Secure Mobile Apps and Data

  • Support for Managed Google Play offering a native application store for work devices containing only explicitly approved applications, including support for private apps.
  • Advanced integration with Google Play to deploy alpha and beta app releases
  • Silent application installation without the need for user-provided Google account on the device.
  • Apply managed configurations and permissions for apps.
  • Separation of business and personal data using Android’s work profile or AppConnect
  • Data-at-rest encryption for business data using FIPS 140-2 cryptographic modules
  • Data-in-motion encryption using per-app VPN technologies like Tunnel
  • Data loss prevention with security features such as open-in and copy/paste restrictions
  • Secure access gateway to enable granular app-level access control

Secure Content Management

  • Docs@Work provides an intuitive way to access, store, and view documents from email, Sharepoint, and numerous document repositories.
  • Web@Work provides secure browsing to access corporate web resources without the need for device-wide VPN



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