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Brett Belding | April 24, 2015
The Morning Routine for Gen M

I am a proud member of a new generation of people -- Generation M. People like me are typically 18-34 year old males (I've aged out, unfortunately) or those who have children under 18 (I have two beautiful daughters).  Gen M people, like me, tend to blend work activities and personal activities throughout the day, and we use a variety of mobile technologies to do so.  This is not to...

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Ojas Rege | March 27, 2014
Mobile Landscape in Financial Services

In March 2014, the Ponemon Institute published a study with far-ranging implications for the future of IT in the financial services industry. The study, called “The Changing Mobile Landscape in Financial Services,” surveyed...

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admin | May 21, 2009

Intel Research Berkeley has been working on a project called “CloneCloud.” The idea is to offload processing to a cloned copy of the phone that lives in the cloud. Pretty cool. To make it work, you have to clone the data and the full application context of each smartphone and manage it centrally.

The challenge is that the phone now lives in two places – in your hand and in the cloud – and you have to make sure the state of the phone and the state of the clone is...

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