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Timothy Jackson | May 17, 2017


Whenever history seemed to repeat itself, my Granny used to quip, “same song, different verse.” As the WannaCry (WNCRY) ransomware spread like wildfire in a dry forest, I heard the familiar refrain and discordant notes of previous worms: Blaster (2003), Welchia “Nachi” (2003), and Conflicker (2008). Each of these worms spread via well known flaws in...

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David Schwartzberg | February 23, 2017

Last week, I attended the RSA Conference and spent some time talking to colleagues, Tim Jackson and Sean Ginevan, as well as Domingo Guerra, President and Founder of MobileIron's Ecosystem Partner,...

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James Saturnio | April 22, 2015
Three Dependencies for Secure IoT Adoption -Migrating from IPv4 to IPv6

The first two blogs discussed protecting our privacy and data, our personal safety, and the recommended cryptographic systems to protect...

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James Saturnio | April 15, 2015
Three Dependencies for Secure IoT Adoption

In last week’s blog, we talked about several definitions of the Internet of Things and its current scope of implementation. We also touched upon how to protect our privacy and personal safety. This week, we cover the recommended cryptographic algorithms for IoT.

Want My Suite B Crypto...

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James Saturnio | April 9, 2015

Prior to coming to MobileIron, I worked five years for Cisco's Smart Grid Business Unit, which was soon renamed the Connected Energy Business Unit. It was then transformed into the Internet of Things Business Unit that targeted the energy, utility, industry and transportation verticals. Our routers and switches connected electrical smart meters, utility substations, manufacturing factory floors...

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Ryan Faas | April 7, 2015
Mobile First Healthcare

Like every industry, healthcare has seen an influx of mobile devices and apps of both the BYO and organization-owned variety. The industry has also experienced rapid change due to a series of government regulations, mandates, and incentive...

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Ojas Rege | March 23, 2015
Internet of Things Security

There is lots of hype around the Internet of Things (IoT) and sometimes it is difficult to wade through the noise to determine what an enterprise IT organization should actually be doing today to prepare. Many times it is hard to define even what we mean by “thing,” as everything from wearables to heat sensors to retail kiosks are lumped under that broad umbrella. At MobileIron...

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