Internet of Things

Internet of Things

MobileIron IoT: an end-to-end chain of trust from sensor to app to gateway to cloud to network

  • Standards-based

    Standards-based, open systems approach for interoperability

  • Scalable

    Automated lifecycle management that eliminates the possibility of human errors

  • Secure

    Security and integrity for petabytes of data

  • Continuous

    Real-time continuity for systems that are too critical to fail

The Internet of Things is the next frontier of the Information Age. Core business workflows start relying on sensor data to drive physical action. Enterprise computing moves to the edge of the network. The consequences of inaccurate information or inappropriate action can be costly (supply chain disruption), dangerous ​(a pipeline leak), or deadly (medical errors).​ ​ MobileIron’s IoT platform will combine the analytics, security, and scale enterprises need to make IoT an affordable reality.

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