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Stacy Chen | November 18, 2016

Samsung Rewards Hits Phones, Android OS for India, and Kryptowire Discovers Data Leak
Courtesy of TechCrunch

Samsung Pay Adds Rewards Program for Transactions

Samsung released Samsung Rewards on Monday, a...

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Vijay Pawar | November 17, 2016

Native App SSO for MI Access

Cloud apps are winning the enterprise. 86% of employees in the CCS Insight's Employee Mobile Technology Survey use mobile apps for work and the majority of these apps are cloud-based. Native mobile apps - not mobile browsers - are the primary way employees access mobile enterprise cloud services like Box, G Suite, Office 365, and Salesforce....

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Fran Thorpe | November 15, 2016

Customer Experience Matters: Developing on iOS Platform

As an IT professional, do you have companies you admire? Do you wonder what’s behind their success? Or perhaps you would like to know how they are able to make hard things look easy?

Apple is arguably the most admired and...

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Abby Guha | November 15, 2016

MobileIron Cloud 2016

Mobile and Cloud are redefining IT requirements and requiring the Enterprise IT organization to be able to effectively secure enterprise information everywhere. MobileIron offers enterprises a highly scalable platform to secure information as it moves to Mobile and Cloud and protects devices, users, apps and content no matter where it lives. MobileIron...

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Matthew Law | November 9, 2016

What's New with MI Cloud Fall Update 2016

Our MobileIron Cloud product team has been busy over the past several months. Today I'll share with you the top highlights of our latest releases. Let’s dive right in!

SAML 2.0 Support: Security and Convenience Can Co-exist

MobileIron Cloud now supports Identity Providers (IdP)...

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Arjan Veenboer | November 7, 2016

It Takes the Right Ecosystem to Improve Healthcare Delivery Without Excessive IT Overhead

In healthcare, quality of service is critical. There are many technology solutions that promise to help healthcare organizations enhance service delivery. With so many options, how can these organizations know how best to support their patients?


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Stacy Chen | November 4, 2016

Privacy Shield Challenges, Windows Vulnerabilities
Courtesy of CIO Dive

European Commission’s Privacy Shield Challenged

In July, the Privacy Shield...

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Stacy Chen | October 28, 2016

Weekly Recap - MacBook Pro Touch Bar

Courtesy of Time

The New MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar Revealed

Apple’s latest version of the MacBook Pro now includes a touchscreen strip above the keyboard that provides access to the...

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Fran Thorpe | October 27, 2016


Courtesy of Investor's Business Daily

Everyone listening to Apple’s Q4 2016 earnings call was looking for insight on the company’s growth trajectory. What will be the big, new technology bets? Some of...

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Fran Thorpe | October 26, 2016


Rarely a day goes by without a news headline about healthcare costs. Whether it’s from the healthcare provider or patient perspective, huge sensitivities understandably exist related to the cost of delivering healthcare.This means that whenever technology can be used to make delivery more efficient or give patients more control, the healthcare provider...

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